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Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ

Q: How do I determine if my child lives in the boundary catchment area for Central Okanagan Minor Baseball?

The Central Okanagan boundaries dictate which organization you/your child will play. Please refer to the Boundaries page

Q: What Division should my child be in?

Divisions are determined by a child’s age in the current calendar year.  Please refer to the Divisions page

Q: How do I register?

All Registrations for COMBA are done on-line. In order to register you will need to have a Team Snap account.

Please visit the Home page and click on Create Account in the upper left corner of the page.

The online registration session for the Spring Season will open in early January. An email notification will go out through the system accounts to notify users when Registration is open.


Q: What happens if we register late?

Any registration that is received after February 15 will be considered a Late Registration. There will be additional $50.00 registration fee after that date. You are also taking a chance that your child could be placed on a waiting list. Registration closes on March 1.

Q: How much does registration cost?

Please refer to the Registration Fees page 

Q: Are there any programs that offer financial support?

Yes - the following associations provide help with registration costs for youth amateur sports.

  • In order to utilize these programs, first you will need to register for the upcoming season using the online registration form (Registration home), choosing the offline payment method. Further instructions for doing this are on the registration form.
  • Then, you will need to choose one of the programs listed below and complete their application process. 
  • For more information contact the registrar (information on Contact page)

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

Let Kids Play Foundation
Let Kids Play application information


Q: Are team pictures included with registration?

Yes but only at the lower levels.  You will receive more information early in the season.

Q: What if my child wants to play on the same team as a friend?

In Rallycap and Tadpole divisions we try to accommodate kids wanting to play together.  However, it is not guaranteed.  Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions are determined through player evaluations and a draft which makes these requests much harder to accommodate.


Q: What nights/times will my child play?

Rallycap (7U)

Rutland Division:

Two days per week - Monday and Wednesday at Rutland Sports Fields.

Kelowna Division

Two nights per week - Tuesday and Thursdays.

Tadpole (9U)

Rutland Division:

Two days per week - A practice on either Tuesday or Thursday at Rutland Recreation Park with games on Sunday mornings at Edith Gay

Kelowna Division

Two nights per week - Monday and Wednesday, with a practice one of the nights

Only Rallycap and Tadpole have set nights. As Mosquito and above teams are determined through player evaluations and a draft, COMBA cannot guarantee what nights your child will play as schedules are not set until all teams have been set. 

Q: How long does the Spring season last?

The Spring baseball season starts in April and closes at the end of June.

Q: When are practices held?

Practices above Tadpole division will vary each week and are decided by the team coach at the outset of the season. Practices in Tadpole and Rallycap division are set each week - see above. 


Q: What equipment is required?

Each child will require a baseball glove, batting helmet and athletic protection.  Kids generally start wearing cleats in Mosquito however, cleats are highly recommended starting in Tadpole.  No metal cleats are allowed until Bantam level.


Q: Does my child have to attend tryouts or evaluations? 

Player evaluations are held for each division, starting at Mosquito and above. If your child is playing in the Rally Cap or Tadpole Divisions, they do not need to attend evaluations as these teams are picked primarily based on home address. 

Player evaluation dates will be determined by the Division Director. An email will go out to all registered players when the dates are determined. Evaluations are not mandatory, but are highly recommended as they ensure the teams in each division are evenly matched. A player will be only be eligible for 'A' league (house league) ball if they do not attend evaluations. 

Q: What are the rules for my child's division?

The general rules for each division are set out by BC Minor. To review them, navigate to the Divisions page

Q: My child wants to umpire, what are the next steps? 

Please contact the Umpire Coordinator for more information

Q: I have paid for Spring registration but want a refund. What is your refund policy?

  • Open of registration until April 1 - 100% refund less a $50 administration fee
  • April 16 until first game - 50% of registration fees refunded when uniform is turned in
  • After first game - no refunds
  • Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the COMBA Board based on additional information submitted by the requester.

Q: How can I pay for registration?

COMBA only accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Division Days of the Week

Divisions Days of the Week
Rally Cap - Rutland Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Rally Cap - Kelowna Tuesday, Thursday
Tadpole - Rutland Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Tadpole - Kelowna Monday, Wednesday
Mosquito - Rutland Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Mosquito - Kelowna Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

NOTE:  You will NOT be scheduled games and or practices on all days indicated.  These are the days that you could have either a game or practice.  Most of the divisions listed will have one game and one practice per week with the potential for two games some weeks.