The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is part of a national sports system that is built on solid research and sound principles relating to athlete development across different sports, yet, it’s tailored to the specific needs of baseball. This coach program is recognized nationally & and around the world; in fact, Baseball Canada was just honored with The Sheila Robertson Award for demonstrating a consistent approach in valuing and recognizing the role of the coach within baseball, the media, and the public. Baseball’s NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is the only coach program for baseball recognized in Canada. When you take an NCCP workshop, you’ll not only gain sport-specific technical abilities, but also leadership and decision-making skills.


** All courses and NCCP registration costs as a coach for COMBA will be reimbursed.

To see what courses are available, check here:

To be a summer ball / single season coach, you are REQUIRED to meet each of these levels:


Initiation Trained


Assistant Coach at all levels, or head coach A and AA - Initiation Trained

AAA - Regional Trained


At least Regional Trained for all levels

A, AA - Head Coach - Regional Certified

Bantam & Midget

Assistant Coach - At least Regional Trained for all levels

Head Coach - At least Regional Certified for all levels

AAA - Assistant Coach - Provincial Trained

AAA - Head Coach - Provincial Certified

*Trained = you have taken all the required courses.

*Certified = you have been evaluated and passed

You can also use the selector tool to see what is required at each level.

To register, check out this "how-to".

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