At the start of game time, both teams will be ready for the first pitch.


***No Rover.


***First inning a pitcher pitches, they get 8 warmup pitches, any inning afterwards the same pitcher is in the game they will get 6 warm up pitches. Allow for umpires discretion.


*Please help the catcher get dressed and a coach warm up the pitcher.* catchers should keep shin pads on unless batting or on base.  Please assign a parent or coach to the role of bench coach to keep players ready to take the field.


-Batting order:

Doubleheaders or tournament play the batting order should continue from the last batter.  Example game one ends with 6 batter is out, beginning next game batter 7 will be the first batter and so on. This is more aligned with BC Baseball equal play policy.


-First-year players must pitch in the 1st and 2nd inning*


-First 3 innings will have a 2 run limit per half inning.

-Four-run limit inning for innings 4 and 5

-The sixth inning is open


***Mercy rule

After 4 1/2 innings, if the home team leads by 10+ runs the game is over.  After 5 complete innings if the away team is leading by 10+ runs the game is over.


-Pitch count as per bc rules.


-If a pitcher hits 2 batters he should be removed.


Rule 24: Pitching Rules


10U & 11U (Mosquito)


1-25 Pitches = No Rest


26-40 Pitches = 2 Night Rest


41-55 Pitches = 3 Nights Rest


56-65 Pitches = 4 Nights Rest


66-75 Pitches = 5 Nights Rest


Note:  Pitches thrown in the warm-up, bullpen, or ruled no pitch by the umpire are not counted.


***Stealing bases 1st, 2nd and 3rd

is allowed


-After the Charlie Green Tournament stealing home will be allowed beginning in the 3rd inning of each game.


***Only one base advancement on an overthrow that leaves the field of play.  Players may advance as far as possible on an overthrow if the ball stays in the field of play.


-Once pitcher touches the rubber the baserunners cannot be off their base and will be called out unless they are on a attempting to steal a base.


-Runners cannot leave their base until the ball crosses the plate (as per BC Baseball rules)


-A removed pitcher cannot be returned to the game to pitch.


A player may not pitch and catch in the same game.


***Please have a coach or parent act as a spotter for pitchers warming up in the bullpen.


-One extra inning should be played in the event of a tie...time permitting

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