5U - New 2020

Practice and Game days are posted on the divisions page.

Practices and games are scheduled for 60 minutes with 3 teams per field for both.  On game days, teams rotate with 2 teams playing and 1 team practicing.

Parent participation is mandatory.  It's much more controlled environment to have the kids throwing to parents than to other kids, and therefor kids get a lot more practice.

Once everyone is familiar with the rotation on game days, games may only take 45 minutes, so teams can practice for the remaining 15 minutes.


Practices are "planned" every week.  Each week, every team will be doing the exact same skills.  If coaches are experienced, than the drills themselves can be modified, but the skill has to be done.  Here is the weekly practice plan for 5U.

Game Rules

1. Wiffle balls only.  

2. Plastic bats only.  There will be multiple size of barrels.   We are teaching success and coordination.  

3. Three Team Rotation

• Hitting will rotate to Fielding when inning is complete

• Fielding will rotate to Skill Development when inning is complete

• Skill Development Drill will rotate to Hitting when inning is complete


4. Parents stationed at each base and home plate. Base Parents to assist baserunner where and when to run. Home plate parent to assist batters reminding them to reset, adjusting tee height when needed and placing balls on tee.


5. All Players shall be given equal opportunity to play different positions. No player shall play the same position twice in a game.


6. Each inning shall have everyone go through the batting order once.


7. Hit off Tee ONLY

Each batter will be allowed a max of 6 swings to put the ball in play. If the ball does not go into play, batter shall advance to first base.

***To limit inactivity for all players, the 6-swing limit is strictly enforced.  While we want success, there is a large amount of failure involved in hitting, so allowing kids to fail is also important.

***Tip – if batter is not successful making contact with the ball off the tee, try adjusting the Tee height and give batter a different bat.


8. Baserunners may advance only one base at a time.  


9. Ball in play – Fielders throw the ball to the nearest base.


10. There are no outs

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