​Coaching Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.  All coaches for Central Okanagan Minor Baseball Association are required to undergo a criminal records check 

  2. It is the Coaches' responsibility to follow the COMBA Coach's Code of Conduct.  They are also responsible for reviewing the parent and player codes of conduct with their teams at the beginning of the season.  All codes can be found here. 

  3. Home Teams are responsible to prepare the fields for play. After the game they are to rake the infield, home plate and pitching mound areas. It is also the home team’s responsibility to return all equipment and lock them up. Coaches should find a team parent to coordinate team responsibilities.

  4. A Coach must be prepared to spend time practicing with their team in order that the players have a chance to develop skills and team spirit. As the season progresses practice sessions may vary in duration and frequency. Depending on the needs of the team, a practice will generally have some or all of the following elements in it:

    1. Discussion

    2. Warm-up

    3. Skill demonstration

    4. Skill practice

    5. Scrimmage or practices

  5. Central Okanagan Minor Baseball Association encourages coaches at all levels to complete a minimum of NCCP Initiation Coach Trained Status Coaching Association of Canada. COMBA will pay for all Coaches who participate in coaching level courses. In some instances, a Coach may have to prepay their fee and then be reimbursed by COMBA.  If you are planning on coaching all-star summer baseball, please review the BC Minor Baseball rulebook for requirements.  Please see your division director for details and / or check out the NCCP section.

  6. Coaches are responsible for picking up team equipment bags and returning them (cleaned out) at the end of the season to the Equipment Director.

  7. Coaches are required to gather all COMBA jerseys from players and return them with (Cleaned) at the end of the season to the Uniform Coordinator.

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