9U - New 2020 - Rallycap and Tadpole are now separated into single ages starting 2020.

Practice and Game days <-- click here to see the scheduled days.

Practices are scheduled for 80 minutes and games for 90 minutes.  Practices will be shared by 2 teams. 

Parent participation is mandatory.  It's much more controlled environment to have the kids throwing to parents than to other kids, and therefor kids get a lot more practice.


Practices are "planned" every week.  Each week, every team will be doing the exact same skills.  If coaches are experienced, than the drills themselves can be modified, but the skill has to be done.  Here is the weekly practice plan for 8U.

With the exception of the following, all rules / policies for 8U, will be used:

1. First year of using a real baseball

2. Scorekeeper will be used.  While wins and losses are not tallied, each team shall designate their own scorekeeper for the purposes of maintaining the proper batting order and ending an inning after 4 runs score

23. When a ball is hit into play, players may advance on an overthrow until the ball is in control by an infielder.  The only exception, is players may NOT advance on an overthrow to 1st that goes into foul territory.  

24. When a ball is hit to the outfield, at 8U, play continues until the outfielder has control.  At 9U, the ball needs to be under control by an infielder.

Starting mid-may, there will be rule changes to get players ready for mosquito:


Start Date

1. Pitching in this division shall be implemented any time after the 2nd Sunday in May by the Division Coordinator in consultation with the coaches and COMBA.

Pitching Distance

Pitching distance shall be from 42’ or 46’– the tadpole fields are set at 46’ so the coaches will need to mark a new line closer to home plate for the pitcher to use if they choose 42’. Once a player starts from a distance they may not change that distance during the inning. (Note: Mosquito distance is 46’; Most Tadpole Summer Ball Tournaments are from 46’)


3. The home team will provide an umpire for the game who will:

a. Count up to 6 total pitches to the batter

b. Call balls and strikes

c. Call the batter out after 3 strikes (Note: no longer any soft toss after strike 3)

d. After 6 pitches or ball 4 direct the coach of the batting team to throw 2 soft toss pitches from the baseline to the batter. The batter will have these two attempts to put the ball in play. If the ball is not put in play, the batter shall be called out, no exceptions. e. Make all other regular decisions by an umpire including plays in the field and balls that are fair/foul Pitch Counter


4. Every team shall designate a pitch counter for their team. The pitch counter shall keep a record of who pitched and the pitch count for each pitcher.


5. The pitch counts are to be kept in the team scorebook


Pitching Limits

6. Pitchers may only pitch in 1 inning per game. (After delivering 1 pitch to a batter, that player shall not pitch in any other inning that game).


7. The maximum pitches a pitcher may deliver in an inning is 35. Once a player has delivered 35 pitches, the player must be replaced. To speed up the pace of the game, the replacement player should be a player who has been sitting off that inning (so the coach can have that player warm up prior to taking the field).


8. Unless exceptional circumstances arise, the pitcher entering the game will not take any warm up pitches on the mound, as they should already be warmed up coming off the bench.


Double Header / Consecutive Days Pitching Limits

9. A pitcher may pitch in 2 games during a single day, so long as the total number of pitches in the first game is 25 pitches or less.


10. A pitcher may pitch in consecutive days, so long as the total number of pitches the previous day is 25 pitches or less.


11. A pitcher may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.


Fair Play

12. Every player must be given an equal opportunity to pitch.


Other Rules

13. Any pitcher that hits 2 batters must be replaced.


Pace of Play

14. The time limits are still in play: The games shall be 5 innings, however, no new inning may start after 90 minutes.


15. To help with pace of play

a. Keep a bucket of balls at the mound for the pitchers.

b. Do not have the catcher retrieve and throw back to the mound on every pitch. The coach assisting the catcher (or catching) shall collect the baseballs

c. Teams will have the option of using a coach as a catcher (with mask) for the pitcher and dressing a player as catcher who will stand off to the side to be the "fielding catcher" at home plate.

d. See also Rules 7 and 8 above.

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