8U - New 2020 - Rallycap and Tadpole are now separated into single ages starting 2020.

Practice and Game days <-- click here to see the scheduled days.

Practices are scheduled for 80 minutes and games for 90 minutes.  Practices will be shared by 2 teams. 

Parent participation is mandatory.  It's much more controlled environment to have the kids throwing to parents than to other kids, and therefor kids get a lot more practice.


Practices are "planned" every week.  Each week, every team will be doing the exact same skills.  If coaches are experienced, than the drills themselves can be modified, but the skill has to be done.  Here is the weekly practice plan for 8U.

Starting and Ending a Game

1. A synthetic covered soft baseball shall be used for all games (Not the “cloth” raised stitched Incrediball and not a standard hardball)


No Scorekeeper

2. No scorekeeper is required. Teams do not keep score.


Minimum Players

3. A team can have as few as 6 players and still play the scheduled game


4. If a team is short players, then the following defensive positions are not occupied, in the following order of priority a. No catcher b. No catcher and pitcher c. No catcher and pitcher and 1 less outfielder


5. If 1 team has less than 6 players, the opposing team is encouraged to lend players for defensive positions, but still have the players bat for their own respective teams.


Field Set Up / Take Down

6. The Home team shall set up the bases and the Away team shall set up the pitching machine.


7. Bases shall be placed in the sunk holes closest to home plate.


8. All equipment MUST be put away at the conclusion of the game. If another team is waiting to take the field, you may leave the equipment out ONLY if you speak to another coach who accepts responsibility for the equipment.


Innings / Time Limit

9. The games shall be 5 innings, however no new inning may start after 90 minutes.


10. Each half inning shall end after 3 outs or 4 runs scored.



11. Rainouts of games will be called at the park, unless both coaches agree otherwise.


Fair Play: Substitutions and Player Positions


Rotating Positions Played During the Game

12. All players shall be given an equal opportunity to play every position.


13. No player may play the same position more than 2 innings in 1 game.


14. All players must play in both the infield and outfield each game.


Sitting out

15. Coaches may not sit a player for two consecutive innings. No player may sit out twice before every player has sat once


Equal Opportunity

16. Every effort should be made to give equal playing time over the course of the season and to give players the opportunity to try different positions.


17. Every effort should be made to rotate the batting order throughout the season so that everyone gets a chance to bat near the top of the order and the bottom of the order.


The Batter

Batting Lineup

18. All players listed on the roster take their turns at bat.



19. A player who throws a bat will receive 1 warning before being called out.


20. All helmets must have chinstraps


Pitching Machine Used

21. A pitching machine shall be used in all games. No players are permitted to pitch or operate the pitching machine. A coach loads the machine for his own batters. A bucket of baseballs shall be placed at the pitching machine to speed up the pace of the game.


Max Pitches per Batter

22. Each batter will receive a maximum of 6 pitches or 3 strikes (whatever comes first) from the pitching machine. After 6 pitches or 3 strikes, the batter shall be given 2 soft toss pitches from the coach. If they do not put the soft tosses in play, the batter shall be called out, no exceptions.


The Runner


Ball Hit to Infield

23. When the ball is hit in the infield, the runners may advance until infield play in complete. However, players do not advance on a passed ball.

a. For example, if there is a runner on first, ball hit to shortstop who throws to 2nd base for the force play, if the 2nd baseman misses the ball and it travels into the outfield, the runners cannot advance.


Ball Hit to the Outfield

24. When the ball hit to the outfield, the runners may continue to advance until the outfielder gains control of the ball.


Hit at Pitching Machine – Dead Ball

25. Any ball hit within 4 feet of the pitching machine shall be declared a dead ball by the coach. Play will immediately stop and all runners will advance 1 base. If a play that requires a fielder to come within 4 feet of the pitching machine, the coach shall immediately stop play, call a dead ball, and each runner will advance 1 base.


Advance on Ball in Play Only

26. Runners may not advance on a wild pitch or passed ball.


27. No stealing is permitted.


Other Rules



28. Each team shall field a catcher, in full catcher gear. The coach shall ensure the catcher is a safe distance away from the batter. If the catcher catches a pitched ball, he/she shall throw it back to the pitcher. Otherwise, the coach shall hold on to the baseballs until the pitcher runs out. The purpose of this rule is to speed up the pace of the game.


29. No defensive coaches shall be permitted on the field, except 1 coach must be at the backstop to assist their catcher.



30. No parents shall be permitted on the field of play, unless invited by the coach.


31. No players shall leave the dugout unless permitted by the coach or parent helper.


32. All injuries and incidents shall be reported to the Division Coordinator within 24 hours of the occurrence.


Codes of Conduct



33. COMBA Coaches shall

a. Develop team respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgment of umpires and opposing coaches

b. Be professional in manner and accept responsibility for actions by displaying high standards, while displaying control, respect, dignity and professionalism as an ambassador of COMBA

c. Promote competition, fair play, and fun with a goal of developing all the athletes

d. Abide by all policies, rules, and codes of conduct imposed by COMBA and its governing bodies



34. COMBA Players shall:

a. Treat everyone with respect by:

i. Being generous in winning and graceful in losing 

ii. Respecting and accepting with dignity the decisions of the umpires

iii. Being courteous to teammates, coaches, opponents, and spectators


b. Exercise self -control at all times by:

i. Refraining from unsportsmanlike gestures, talk, language, profanity, taunting, or teasing

ii. Refraining from throwing equipment in disgust (bat, helmet, glove, or any object)

iii. Take proper care of equipment and uniforms, including setting up, taking down, and caring for equipment at games and practices.



35. COMBA Parents shall to treat everyone with respect by:

a. Cheering in a positive manner for all competitors

b. Respecting the decisions of officials

c. Being courteous and respectful to other spectators, all competitors, coaches, event organizers and officials

d. Refraining from disrespectful conduct of any sort, including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks, taunting or other actions that demean any individual.

e. Exercise self-control at all times

f. Refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs at any park.

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