7U - New 2020 - Rallycap and Tadpole are now separated into single ages starting 2020.

Practice and Game days <-- click here to see the scheduled days.

Practices are scheduled for 75 minutes and games for 60 minutes.  Practices will rotate between 3 teams, but no rotation for games.

Parent participation is mandatory.  It's much more controlled environment to have the kids throwing to parents than to other kids, and therefor kids get a lot more practice.


Practices are "planned" every week.  Each week, every team will be doing the exact same skills.  If coaches are experienced, than the drills themselves can be modified, but the skill has to be done.  Here is the weekly practice plan for 7U.

Game Rules

1. Wiffle balls are to be used with plastic bats and Incrediballs for metal bats.

2. Regardless of the skill level of your team, all teams will play the first two games using plastic bats.  After that, players can choose to switch to metal, but don't discourage the use of plastic bats. Players need to have success hitting to enjoy the sport, so whatever needs to happen.


3. Three Team Rotation

• Hitting will rotate to Fielding when inning is complete

• Fielding will rotate to Skill Development when inning is complete

• Skill Development Drill will rotate to Hitting when inning is complete


4. Parents stationed at each base and home plate. Base Parents to assist baserunner where and when to run and direct fielder where to throw the ball that’s in play. Home plate parent to assist batters reminding them to reset, adjusting tee height when needed and placing balls on tee.


5. All Players shall be given equal opportunity to play different positions. No player shall play the same position twice in a game.


6. Each inning shall have everyone go through the batting order once.


7. Players MUST hit off the tee for their first at-bat.  No exceptions.  For the remainder of the game, the coach will do soft toss to the batter. However, hitters can choose to hit off the tee, if that is their preference.  

• Each batter will be allowed a max of 6 swings OR 6 coach pitches to put the ball in play. If the ball does not go into play, batter shall advance to first base. 

***To limit inactivity for all players, the 6-swing/pitch limit should be strictly enforced. While we want to focus on player success, there is a large amount of failure for hitting, so some failure is inevitable.  It also ensure that the game continues to move on

***Tip – if batter is not successful making contact with the ball off the tee, try adjusting the Tee height and give batter a different bat.


8. Baserunners may advance only one base at a time.


9. Ball in play – Fielders should be directed to throw to nearest base where a runner is advancing.


10. There are no outs.

Mid-Season Change

After the 2nd weekend in May, the game rules will change to the following to get players ready for next season:

No more tee, unless requested by the player.  

- if they use a tee, the same 6-swing rule applies

- if they want to receive a pitch, after 6 pitches or 3 strikes, the batter shall be given 2 soft toss pitches from the coach. If they do not put the soft tosses in play, the batter shall be called out, no exceptions.

Ball hit: runners may continue to advance until any fielder controls it.

Parents are still on the field to encourage proper playing position.

Outs will be used. Any out such as a catch (flyball), force out, tag, or strike out will be used and that player will not continue running the bases after making an out. This will be difficult for the players at first, but they will learn what an out is, and need to learn this to play at the next level.

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